Meet the Teacher...

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Hello I'm Jennifer! I am a Primary Teacher, Early Childhood Teacher and mum to my little boy, Lochlan.

After having my little boy I wanted to create a fun and engaging space to share with other local mums and children in Bondi. I am one of many parents who took their maternity leave during the 2020 Covid lockdown. I found it difficult being away from my family (who are all in Scotland & Ireland) and having less opportunities for my son to play with other children. This gave me the push to open Little Learners.

My goal is to encourage my son and other children to learn, socialise and meet new friends, as well as creating a "get together" space to foster a sense of parent community. 

I am passionate about Early Years education and my teaching philosophy focuses around my training and experience in play-based learning. I have over 10 years teaching experience in encouraging children to explore, play and learn in a stimulating environment through a variety of hands-on and developmentally appropriate learning engagements.